Report policy


Doctor Net's corporate mission is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of medical care and the health of the individuals by providing outstanding diagnostic image reading and interpretation support services.

We are committed to deliver specialized, easy-to-understand reports that satisfy the expectations of our clients.

  • Specialty

    • We will produce highly specialized reports.

    • We will make a comprehensive assessment based on the information and images we obtained.

    • We will provide specific advice relating to a further treatment plan from a radiology specialist standpoint.

    • We will provide qualitative or differential diagnostic interpretations.

  • Simplicity

    • We will produce easy-to-understand reports, from the standpoint of the client.

    • We will attach easy-to-understand reference images in the case of lesions.

    • In principle the reports will be in Japanese, and to extent permissible,  abbreviations and symbols will be avoided.  

    • We will use a unified format to make reports easily read.

    • We use simple terms and expressions that are considerate to patients.

  • Satisfaction

    • We make efforts in providing trustworthy reports.

    • In case of any doubt in content of the reports, we conduct a second image reading.

    • We share responsibilities equally with the doctor who read the image.

    • We strictly respect the delivery dates of reports.

    • We request additional information when necessary.