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(This English policy was translated from Japanese version for the purpose of better understanding.)

As a company with its core business centered at telemedicine support, Doctor Net believes that personal information must be handled with due care and diligence in compliance with the principle of respect of human personality. We acknowledge that the protection of personal information is a social mission crucial to us. Pursuant to all laws and regulations relevant to the protection of personal information, the personal information handled by all of our employees, including directors, as part of our business activities, as well as the personal information relevant to such directors and employees, will be adequately managed by building and putting in place a management system in accordance with JISQ15001. We declare that we will continue to observe any change in social needs and make all-out efforts to continuously improve the management system relevant to the protection of personal information.

  1. We strongly acknowledge the importance of protecting personal information, and we will set out a clear purpose of use in order to adequately obtain, use and provide the personal information, only to the extent and in such a manner as is necessary to perform ou business activities, including the telemedicine support services.  The personal information obtained by us will be used within the scope of such purpose of use and countermeasures will be taken to avoid any use outside such scope, except when they are anonymized (to the extent where any individual cannot be identified), or when required by law.

  2. When personal information obtained by above specified means for use in our business, or a whole or part of personal information obtained by our employees are to be entrusted, or to be provided to a third party, we will select a service provider with adequate standards of handling personal information and take appropriate measures such as agreeing contracts.

  3. We will put in place reasonable safety controls, precautions and corrective measures to avoid risk of leaks, loss or libel of personal information.

  4. As a company to which the clients can entrust their valuable personal information, we will strictly comply with the guidelines, policies, and other rules such as the JISQ15001 set out by governamental authorities in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law as well as Japanese laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information.

  5. We continue to make corrections and improvements of the management system to protect personal information for appropriate use or protection of personal information.

  6. If you have any inquiries regarding our usage of personal information, please contact us below.

    Personal Information Inquiry Counter

    Tel: (+81)3-3459-5665

    Tel: (+81)3-3459-5665


  7. Enacted on: January 20, 2005
    Modified on: April 6, 2020

    Doctor-NET Inc. commitment to the protection of personal information has been certified by the PrivacyMark System.

Doctor-NET Inc. commitment to the protection of personal information has been certified by the PrivacyMark System.

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