Cloud based Tele-radiology system by ASP

[Virtual-RAD] is a cloud based system provided by ASP(application service provider).
Taking advantage of the most up-to-date cloud based tele-radiology system.
It will connect the hospital to all of diagnostic reading doctors in your network anywhere at anytime
while they are on line.
Enjoy High security virtual-radiology system at a reasonable price.

開く Virtual-RAD

Monthly payment is the basic fee and the charge per case. Please use the platform for remote imaging that can be used safely.

4Advantages of V-RAD

  1. Cost Advantages for building up new system

    • No need for the expensive server contract
    • Reasonable price: Monthly fee and data center service charge per each case
    • For starting the service, it only requires internet connection
  2. Reliable radiologists for diagnosis

    • Diagnosed by well-known reliable radiologists
    • Enable to connect to any further places
  3. High Security and Safety

    • No need to send patient information
    • Lower the risk of personal information leakage depend on no downloading the data into local machine
  4. As a preparation for emergencies

    Through our T-RAD service, our over 500 radiologists will support to read medical images.(option)
    *When doctors are absent, too much cases to cover, sudden emergency cases, health check-up cases and when the doctors require 2nd opinion…etc

    *Please find the further information for optional services

Service Charge

Whatever your requirements, we are confident that our systems and services will meet your exact expectations and we will be able to serve you for years to come. We look forward to building and strengthening our relationship with you and as such we offer our services at reasonable and affordable initial costs and monthly fees.

  • Preparation by users

    Internet connection and contract with internet service provider

    * we don`t provide internet connection service.

  • Initial Cost

    For setting up the machine to connect to V-RAD at hospitals

  • Monthly Payment

    Monthly Fee

    Metered charge /per case

  • "+ Options"

    Switch Tele-RAD

    The unexpected moment when your doctors are absent, hospitals able to rely on Doctor-NET T-RAD doctors.

    payment agency service for doctors

    Instead of doctors, Doctor-Net issue the invoice to hospitals. We make payment to doctors instead of hospitals

    * Doctor-net charge the additional fee for optional services.