Excellent Platform with smart AI engines for Radiologists & Hospitals! 

AI-RAD is the first AI system platform in Japan.
We support the diagnostic process by providing AI engines to our hospital users
and radiologists.
We suggest new idea on this medical imaging diagnosis business as a leading
company, which read 120 mil cases per year with more than 500 radiologists,
and over 700 hospital users.


3 feature of AI-RAD

  1. Examine each case with multiple AI systems, which covers various body parts and modalities

    The system automatically pick the most appropriate engine to each case depends on the character of disease and image data.
    The system also covers various body parts and modalities.
    Hospitals can take advantage of increasing diagnostic accuracy and efficiency.

  2. Evaluate its accuracy and practicality

    In order to guarantee the accuracy and practicality of AI system, we establish unique testing process.
    Each engine accuracy evaluated objectively from user’s point of view.
    Doctor-NET quality control center also verify and evaluate the system regularly.
    We also involved in the AI engine development to improve its accuracy and widen body part and modality coverage by collaborating with developers.

  3. Cooperate with other hospital systems

    The hospital system and AI-RAD are connoted by the terminal device of Doctor-NET T-RAD.
    It won’t be necessary to set up the new PACS or systems.
    Also guarantee the security safety based on our existing security policy.

Complete "Total solution of
tele-radiology service" with AI system platform

Doctor-NET aim to provide the total service of Tele-radiology support, combining our existing [Tele-RAD] and [Virtual-RAD] with [AI-RAD].