Doctor PACS for

ドクターPACS for

Versatile diagnostic imaging system
ドクターPACS for

Doctor PACS for is a versatile diagnostic imaging system that allows unified management and use of various medical images and reports. Its flexible data link delivers a diagnostic image network suitable to your imaging environment and workflow.

PACS has evolved along with the progress of diagnostic image interpretation and the network.  Although the efficacy of PACS is widely recognized, there are still some outstanding issues such as different devices requiring different systems and operations, and burdensome external interface configuration and expandability.

"PACS for" was created to address such outstanding issues by integrating scattered systems into a single one.

PACS for enables a seamless observation and reporting regardless of modality. Furthermore, image transfer is smooth regardless of external configuration, and cloud delivers a comfortable reading and interpretation environment and expandability. PACS for is a new PACS reflecting the real views and opinions of medical professionals.

three features of DOCTOR PACS for

  1. Outstanding operability and expandability at a low cost

    As there is no need to procure multiple systems for different imaging devices with PACS for you will be able to reduce implementation costs and system management time.
    PACS for supports hospital management in various ways such as handling the examination of referred patients and remote interpretation.

  2. Excellent connectivity and multimodality display

    Doctor PACS is a multimodality system that allows integration of a variety of scans generated by different imaging devices and reports. It enables not only image observation and reporting, but also seamless interface with HIS (Hospital Information System) and smooth external transmission.

  3. Agreeable cloud system environment

    "Flex view" is an image transfer and reporting system that allows the customer to build a cloud system in a user-friendly manner.
    PACS for offers at a low cost an agreeable environment irrespective of the specifications of the client's computer devices.